Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Look for '08

Slowly but surely, I've been losing my hair. It was starting to develop into quite the Costanza.
I have tried any number of ways of covering it up, then not so much covering it up but trying to work with it, to just cringing every time I saw a picture or the back/top of my head. So, I just decided to get it cut short... Really short.

In the 26 minutes that have passed since I left my appointment - the look has actually "grown" on my quite a bit. I'd prefer a full head of hair - and I'm still waiting for Mario to hook me up with Bosley - but until that happens, I guess this'll have to work in the meantime.


mgrzanka said...

I think you look quite handsome. :)

Ben said...

you have to say that... you're stuck with it. :)

Todd said...

Digging the new Kojak look

Judy said...

I think you look like the 1 day old Ben of yore! I didn’t know what you would look like without any hair, but, you look like Ben! Lots of smarts in that noggin!

Love the look, Mom

Dan said...

You will be swimming faster than ever before