Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feeling Uninspired... or Maybe Just Too Tired to Blog

I realize I haven't posted in a couple of weeks... Could that be because nothing's been going on? Absolutely not. In fact, so much has been going on that the last thing I want to do is sit back down in front of the computer & write a new blog post...

That's kind of why I like Twitter - because you can just send a text when you're doing something & that's all it takes (you can see my twitter posts in the right hand column of the blog, or click on over to my Twitter account).

So - what has been happening?
  • I was responsible for putting together the SEMpdx SearchFest '08 conference. Went well, lots of people, good reviews & coverage, some fun pictures... but it took an awful lot of my time in the weeks leading up to it
  • Maria's birthday was on 3/12 and our 5th anniversary is the same week... we celebrated by pretty much eating out every single night.
    • Monday 3/10: I went to Higgins with some of our speakers from my SearchFest '08 thing
    • Tuesday 3/11: We went to Din Din @ Chez Machin (our friend's once-a-month supper club - sorry, no Web site)
    • Wednesday 3/12: We ate Breakfast for Dinner at Simpatica (Maria's birthday choice and it was awesome!)
    • Thursday 3/13: Maria's friends threw her a bit of a night out at a new wine bar on Fremont - Vincinato
    • Friday 3/14: by the time Friday rolled around, we were beat. Went home after a quick stop @ North 45 for a beer with Maria & her co-worker
  • My company celebrated 5 years in business
  • I bought some art at a show in the Olympic Mills building put on by my bud Chris Haberman
  • Sara & Christian's going away party was Saturday night (that pretty much ruined Sunday for us...)
  • Hank turned 4 years old on 3/15... He didn't seem to care
So you see - I have barely had time to sit down! If Maria would ever write something for the blog - perhaps it would get updated more often... :)

Here's a pic of Maria eating breakfast for dinner... that's biscuits & gravy + some potatoes on the plate.

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