Monday, February 25, 2008

Maria Gets Lasik

Maria Gets Lasik.JPG, originally uploaded by b-lizzle.

I'm working from home today and helping Maria recover from her Lasik surgery. Things went well, she can already see (it's been about 6 hours since her surgery). I got to watch the whole thing - on the video screen in the room next door. Pretty wild stuff - they show a feed directly from the laser camera - so you see everything that happens to her eye. Only takes a couple of minutes to do and a day of recovery and you're pretty much back in the game... without your glasses on!

I took this picture a couple of hours ago - they gave her drugs and she couldn't fight them off anymore. At the time, our neighbor Kathy had come over, which caused Hank to bark and jump around because Kathy gives him a walk every afternoon. Then the timer went off for her next eye drops. During all the commotion, she was still dead asleep.

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