Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sara & Christian Moving to Georgia

So, Sara & Christian just dropped by for a visit. We just found out this week that they're moving to Georgia for a year. That's a bummer. BUT, I know Sara needed out of that job, and Christian wants to live SOMEWHERE else like you wouldn't believe. So, I say - good move!
Who are Sara & Christian? Perhaps you've seen my famous Spain video? That should say it all.
Speaking of our Spain trip - Maria & I went to Lisbon, Portugal first. We stayed downtown, and saw these singing Chihuahua's all over the place. I forgot to tape it, but I just found someone else who happened to post a video of it on YouTube. See the singing chihuahua video - it's cute.

Moving on. We've been pretty damn busy lately, and I haven't had much spare time to blog. What have we been up to?
  • We've been bowling on Sunday nights. We were first place in our Underdog league until we got our butts kicked this last weekend
  • Had the regular Bravery tour date madness w/ Jaime, Christina & crew
  • Sunriver / Bachelor trip with the gang, including Sara & Christian. Also my first time snowboarding. Did pretty good I think. (I'll put some pictures on Flickr when I get a chance)
  • From Sunriver to Eugene so I could speak at the Oregon Wine Industry Symposium on "Making Your Website Work Harder for You"
  • Last weekend we went to Mt Hood so I could snowboard for the 2nd time. Beautiful weather, I took my first REAL run (besides the beginner lift) and fell down a lot...
  • Met with Tracy, our interior designer, to go over plans for our place
  • IKEA + Costco trips (what a way to absolutely kill a Saturday). I bought a new Roomba and it is rad. I spent a lot of time watching it vacuum. More time than it probably would have taken me to vacuum - but it is kinda fascinating to watch
So you see - I just can't be bothered with blogging. I'm going to go watch TV for a change.


Short Family said...

So, one of my fifth graders did a science experiment on the Robot vacuum. He wanted to know if it covered better mileage than a regular arm pushing vac. Apparently, it did. He also did a lot of sitting and watching the thing go around the room. Nice to hear from you

Ben said...

Sweet - I want to see the experiment! He should send it in to iRobot (or post it to their reviews or forums -