Thursday, May 31, 2007

Theaters Issue Tattle Device to Moviegoers : Gina Hughes : Yahoo! Tech

I don't think this is as big of a problem here in polite ol PDX as it is in
other cities. Maria & I had quite the experience in a Florida movie theater
a couple of years ago at which a mother and her children were all over the
movie theater, talking, moving to different seats, etc. HUGE distraction and
not at all pleasant. After going outside to complain to the manager - things
got a little heated. It was obvious that it was Maria who complained because
there weren't that many people there (what movie was that anyway?).Personally, I had a notable experience with rude moviegoers while I was
living in LA. I was lonely & bored & went to the big dome theater there on
Vine & (I forget - Santa Monica?) to see Deep Blue Sea I think? Anyway, when
I got out of my car, Peta Wilson (not very famous, but I knew her from the
terrible La Femme Nikita TV show & thought she was HOT) & boyfriend pulled
up in the spot next to me (in a '68 Camaro). It just so turns out that we
ended up sitting next to each other. As the movie started, some guys behind
us were still answering their ringing cellphones & talking to their friends.
I was deciding whether to move or say something or what when Peta stands up
& turns around & gives them a stern "that's very rude" talking-to in her
aussie accent. That shut them up right away. I wanted to thank her & offer
to take her out for a drink after the movie, but her boyfriend probably
wouldn't have liked that.

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