Friday, June 1, 2007

How Much to Spend on Wedding Gifts?

This one always gets me - having never gotten married, and not really paying attention to these things, I don't really know what's appropriate. With a few friend's weddings coming up this year - I figured I'd remember if I posted this info.

I saw an article about the subject & sent to Maria - she replied. Here's the discussion.

The original article: "How much am I supposed to spend on a wedding gift?"

Their advice (the Knot):
  • co-workers & distant relatives - $50-$75
  • friend or relative - $75-$100
  • CLOSE friend or relative - $100-$150+
Maria replied with an article of her own that suggests basing your gift on how much money the bride & groom are spending on you at their wedding.

"Q. How much should I spend on a wedding present?
From Nina Callaway,
Your Guide to Weddings.
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A. The general rule of thumb is to try to estimate how much your meal
will cost, or generally between $65 and $150 per person. If you brought
a date, you both should contribute to a larger gift. If you simply can't
afford this much, then give the nicest gift that you can. "

So, basically - the guidance for the price range is the same. Personally, I think the second approach is bullshit - why do I care how much they spent. I didn't ask them to get married nor how extravagant to make the wedding, I'd much rather base my gift on the merit of our relationship.

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