Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging Blackout

Have I really not published anything to the blog since September? I suppose I've been quiet for all the regular reasons (busy / no time), and some others (didn't feel we had anything noteworthy to publish).

It would be pretty hard to do a 6-month plus recap, but there have been some noteworthy developments since 9/16:
  • Work has been busy (search engine marketing is a good place to be in a down economy)
  • I started my term as President of SEMpdx ( which keeps me really busy
  • I got appointed to the Mayor's economic development cabinet
We haven't done much traveling together since then, but:
  • Maria went to St Louis & Detroit last fall
  • Maria & I went to LA to watch the Beavs beat UCLA at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena
  • Maria has had a China/Shanghai trip or two in there as well
  • We stayed a couple nights near Pacific City for Hank & Maria's birthdays this month (pics @ Flickr)
  • We're headed to Puerta Vallerta at the end of April with Jamie & Weylan and some of Maria's old Detroit friends. Should be fun!
Keeping up with us:
Blogging is fun & all, but it's a whole side trip for me to take. Facebook, Twitter (@blizzle) & Flickr are probably the best ways to know what we're up to on a more frequent basis. (FWIW - all of those things are hooked up to Facebook - so if we're Facebook friends, you'll see updates from my Twitter & Flickr accounts.

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