Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rome + Croatia

Maria & I just got back from a trip to Rome + Croatia.

Here's the slideshow:

NOTE: If you'd like a bigger slideshow and/or more info (descriptions of the photos, click here to see the Rome + Croatia set on Flickr. Once you're there, click the little "slideshow" link at the top right for the real deal, or just peruse the pics on your own)

Our trip:
1st Stop - Rome
We visited Rome for several days and took in the sites while also managing to see our friends Jaime & Weylen get hitched in the all official Catholic style. We had a great time meeting their Kansas family and friends and we even managed to stay out with Jaime & Weylen until 6 am on our first full night in town. That kinda hurt actually...

Then, Maria & I set off for Croatia.

Our first stop was in Split where we spent a night in a little apartment right across the street from the fish market... it smelled funny but Split was pretty great. I think my favorite highlight was the little square in the middle of the palace where you could get a drink, sit on the steps and do some serious people watching.

Our next stop was 2 nights in Hvar - a little island town that's about a 45 minute ferry ride from Split. We FINALLY got to do some swimming when we got to Hvar. It was nice, but small and it was obviously very popular with the yachting crowd.

And then we made our way to Dubrovnik to meet Crystal & Darlene for 4 or 5 nights (I don't quite remember). Dubrovnik was great. We stayed in the old town and Dubrovnik was just the right size to walk around & see everything. It had just the right number of topless beaches (are you still reading this?), there were some good restaurants and we found the BEST beach/bar in the entire world. You'd just duck through an opening in the wall around old town and find yourself on the rocks overlooking the water. There was a bar & all that, plus you could just walk right down to the edge & jump off the rocks into the deep, crystal clear water. Like this...

Hank Went on Vacation Too
While we were gone, Hank got a vacation of his own. We took him out to a farm where he played with some pigs, goats, a couple of great dane's and a toddler.

Here's what he did with his vacation:

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Amy Schnell said...

Great pics of the vacation...and hank too. Rome & Croatia are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!