Friday, March 15, 2013

Hollywood Hank's Last Columns

These are Hollywood Hank's last couple columns, plus a tribute from the staff at the Hollywood Star and a final letter from Kathy.

I had to send Hank to the big dog park in the sky on December 31, 2012. Easily the most miserable day of my life.

Hank was diagnosed with cancer in mid-December, and I knew something was wrong with him several weeks before that. I had dreaded that this may happen more and more as he got older because boxers are prone to cancer. Hank was such a great companion and such a sweet soul and so nice and I spent so much time with him that I am still having a tough time adjusting to life without him. Even my mom liked Hank and she doesn't like dogs at all. He came to work with me all the time, and he was a regular part of my social circle and got to spend a lot of time with my friends and their dogs as well. From kickball games and patio beer sessions in the summer, to beach house and central Oregon weekends. I miss the hell out of my dog.

All of Hank's columns can be found here:

February 2012: Hollywood Star's Front Page Tribute to Hank

February 2012: Kathy's Sendoff for Hank

January 2012 - Hank Visits Northeast Community Center
Even though Hank had passed away, this column was already written and ready to print on Jan 2.

December 2012 - Hollywood Hank Celebrates Christmas

I'll see you again someday buddy. We'll play all the frisbee that you want. 

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