Monday, August 11, 2008

Plate and Pitchfork with Mario & Jen

Maria & I spent Saturday evening with our friends Mario & Jen out at a Plate & Pitchfork event.

P&P is a great dinner event that gets you in touch with your local farmers, vintners and chefs in a very unique way. We've been a couple of times, and the general idea is that you meet up at a farm, have some appetizers & wine and then head out with the farmer to walk through their fields and hear about their work. Then you end up at an outdoor dining room with white linens and the whole bit. Local chefs prepare dishes from the local produce, and a local wine maker will pair the food with their wines. It's quite nice and a little on the spendy side, but worth it.

Some details on our dinner:
Chef Jason Stoller Smith and Chefs Carmen Peirano and Eric Ferguson from Nick's Italian Cafe
Wines from the Eyrie Vineyards and BlackCap. Featuring produce from Gaining Ground Farm.

Rather than writing it all up - Mario did the job for me, and took some nice pictures as well - so I'll have you check out his post instead!

Mario's Post - Plate & Pitchfork at the Smith Berry Barn

And a couple of pictures, courtesy of Mario

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