Sunday, August 5, 2007

Girlfriend Out of Town? What's a Guy To Do?

Every time Maria leaves town for an extended period of time - I get to looking at the calendar & get nervous that I'm going to be sitting in my living room and staring at the wall. For whatever reason, that hasn't happened this time around - in fact, my social life has been pretty good. Actually - I've been out every night. You can check back on my "twits" for the last week.

  • Monday night: Met Josh B @ Moon & 6 to deliver Beaver football season tix
  • Tuesday night: Softball - Grady Britton vs. CMD. We won.
  • Wednesday night: Erik's basketball game (they lost) then to Rontoms
  • Thursday night: Happy hour w/ Jamie O @ the City Sports Bar, then to North 45 to meet Mario, Josh J, Hugh, Dan & Shannon. Surprise visit from Gabe & Nikki Storm and Amanda
  • Friday night: Happy hour @ Paddy's w/ the new peeps @ work + Grady. Then off to Haberman's art show @ Eastbank
  • Saturday night: stopped over @ Jaime C's new house - how random is it that I went to high school with her temp roomate?, then went out to meet her again at Doug Fir to catch Derby - good show
  • I'm just going to hang out tonight, and I'm trying to convince a couple of people to come over to watch a movie or something. that's about it though.

pretty full week if you ask me. I've already got dinner & drinks w/ the Storms planned for Thursday night, and a volunteer stint lined up @ the Bite. I'm sure the rest of the week will fill in nicely, though I may slow the pace a bit this week.


bengel said...

b, i had no idea you were blogging! now i can keep up with you, considering how difficult it is to find time when all four of us are free at the same time.

Ben said...

yeah - not blogging so consistently though. it's not really a huge priority for me to do in my off-hours - but sooner or later i'll try to convince all friends & fam to sign-up so i don't have to tell them what we're up to. :)