Thursday, July 12, 2007

Holy Crap - Rocklahoma Festival,,4340458,00.html#article

Oh my god - that is a HUGE lineup... Yikes. I hope someone is filming a heavy metal parking lot style documentary for this... On second thought – how much are tickets to Pryor OK? :)

-White lion (why did I like WL?)
-Quiet Riot (you know I'm down)
-Ratt (still w/o Steve P?)
-Poison (rikki rocket always bugged me)
-Bullet Boys (just saw a month or two ago - only the singer is the same and he plays all the guitar solos now - I was let down)
-Skid Row (w/o Sebastian Bach?)
-Winger (holy crap)
-Dokken (double holy crap - I LOVED Dokken in HS)
-Vince Neil (yawn)
-Britny Fox (YES!)
-Steelheart (had to listen to this over and over again when I worked in a record store in HS b/c this girl I worked with LOVED the singer. I quickly learned to hate the one song I sorta liked)
-LA Guns (am I the only person who never liked LA guns? Boring)
-Great White (the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...)
-Jackyl (chainsaws rule)
-Queensryche (again, I TOTALLY LOVED Queensryche in HS. I have concert videos somewhere)
-twisted sister (three good songs...)

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